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Wheel Refurbishment

Do your alloys suffer from:


Curb Damage


Paint Defects

Or Maybe You Just Fancy A Change Of Colour...


At SWR we have over 35 years’ experience in the automotive refinishing industry. Not only working with retail and trade customers alike, but also have a vast wealth of OEM manufacturer experience working directly with the likes of Honda, Ford, Toyota Suzuki but to name a few.

This experience means we can offer a higher standard of paint finish with a much longer guarantee!!

At a price that is still highly competitive!


The Process:

Car or wheels are delivered to our Trafford Park based our workshop.

The tires are marked from which corner they came and then stripped from the wheels.

The wheels are then either shot basted or chemically stripped in house depending on finish. Back to bare metal.

It is at this point we can then repair any damage to the wheel. This is done by hand by our highly trained staff to ensure the original shape and dimensions of the wheel are kept to spec.

Once this stage has passed Pre-Paint QC the wheels are then sent to be painted/powder coated, depending on application.

They are then baked in the oven to ensure the highest possible paint adhesion and then left to cool over night to ensure the paint has had time to go hard ready for the next stage.

The wheels then go through a 2nd Post Paint Quality Control, and if up to standard then new valves are fitted.

The tires are then expertly remounted and balanced using latest equipment.

It is then the wheels are refitted to the car and the customer can enjoy they're newly finished wheels with a 2 Year Guarantee!!


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