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Vehicle Wrapping

A service that seems to be gaining more and more popularity these days is vehicle wrapping.

A vehicle wrap is a temporary colour change that is applied to a vehicle using a special vinyl designed specifically to be applied over large panels and that can conform to all the curves and shapes of a vehicle. It has become ever more popular in the last 5 years or so as people want to change the look or their car at a reasonable cost but also the wrap is fully removable, unlike paint which isn’t and would devalues your car had you have had it painted a different colour. Quite often a wrap is a cheaper alternative to a respray.

As well as wrapping to change the colour of the car, we also offer fleet solutions for those with company cars and vans that want a full printed wrap for advertising purposes.

This is a great cost effective way of using your company’s vehicles for advertising your brand. As wrapped vehicles get 1000's of impressions by the hour whilst on the road. Where else can you get that sort of recognition for so little outlay!

As well as the reasons stated above another great advantage to having your car wrapped is that the vinyl offers protection to the paint work underneath. This is especially of interest to our customers who lease their company vehicles and vans as we all know you get charged for any damage caused to the vehicle when you return it. If the vehicle has been wrapped for the last two years the damage to the vehicles paintwork is greatly reduced. Again saving YOU money.

To help you get a better understanding of just how a wrap works. Please take a look at some of the process involved in wrapping a vehicle below.




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