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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does a Typical Window Tint Take?

This depends on the car and the job being done. It can range from 1 hour to 4 hours. We normally ask that customers leave their car for at least half a day so that the installers have sufficient time to install the film correctly.

What shades Can I Have?

We stock all the shades in the Solar Gard Range ranging for your 70% V.L.T. (Legal Tint) to a 5% V.L.T. film (Limo Black) so you can decide on what shade you want right up untill we start on your car. For further clarification on shades and just what they will look like on your vehicle. Please Click Here to use our tint selector.

How Long Until I can Put My Windows Down?

We always say customers must leave their windows up for a full 7 days to ensure sufficient bond between the window and the adhesive. And although after 7 days you can put the window up and down the film will still not be fully cured at this point. That can take up to a full 30 days to fully dry. This is dependent on outside weather conditions. I.e. Temperature, Sunlight etc..

I Have Seen Other Cars With Tints That Are Full Of Bubbles And Scratches Etc... Will This Happen To Me?

If you get your windows tinted with us, no. That will never happen. We do some of the cleanest tint installs in the country and we guarantee all our installations for the lifetime of the vehicle. If you have your windows tinted by us you can rest assured you will be having the work done by one of only two Solar Gard approved tint shops in the whole of Manchester. And the work we complete looks factory. So you can be sure you have chosen the right place.

My Friend Had Their Windows Tinted And It Peeled Off After A Few Days. Why Is This.

Again, unfortunately it all comes back to you get what you pay for. If you pay a cheap price you get a cheap job. If you come with us and pay a little bit more you will have a tint job that will last as long as the car. If you get a cheap job done and it peel, cracks, fades etc... You will have to pay to get the old film removed (risking damaging your rear defrosters!) and new film applied. So that cheap tint you saved £30 didn’t turn out to be so cheap in the long run.

Ive Had Cheaper Quote. So Im Going To Go There.

That’s fine, people are free to choose where they want. However as above if you pay a cheap price you get a cheap job. For example if we are charging £200 for a tint and another place is only charging £120, why do you think that is? Its not that you are saving £80 think of it as losing £120 because that’s all that’s going to happen plus more. If said place were any good they would charge more? Wouldn’t you? We often get customers who get a quote from us yet decide to go somewhere else just to save a few £££, yet the car ends up with us in the end as we're often the ones that have to put Dodgy tint shops work right. Quite often we see terrible tints! As well as poorly put back together trims as well as broken trims, switches, sensors, faulty side airbags warning lights on the dash just because someone wanted to save £80? Do you think all that stuff costs less than £80 to put right??

Will You Be Able To Tell A film Has Been applied To My Windows?

No, not when we do it! We take great pride in our work and once your windows have been tinted by us, the car will look like it came from the factory like that.