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Refurb Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you guarantee your finish?

We guarantee our paint finish on all wheel refurbs for 2 years! Although they will last a lot longer. Especially if looked after.

Will my wheels look like brand new?        

Yes! In some cases better than brand new as some manufacturer’s don’t always have the best paint finishes on their wheels. At SWR we use the same finishing process on all our wheel refurbs to ensure the highest quality finish that can often outperform and out last some OEM wheel finishes.

The last set of wheels I had refurbed didn’t last too long, in fact the paint started to fail the 1st time they were jet washed. Why is this? And will it happen if I get my wheels refurbished with SWR?

The reason for your paint failing on your previous wheel refurb could be one of many things. Usually it is because of poor pre paint preparation. Anybody who knows how to paint will tell you painting is only half the story, the rest is in the prep work. If the wheels are not prepped properly before painting, it doesn’t matter who paints them or what paint is used. The paint will have extremely poor adhesion and will ultimately fail. 9 times out of 10 this is the reason for the paint coming off soon after a wheel has been refurbed usual by a mobile service. I’m sorry but a good refurb cannot be done in 1-2 hours by a man in a van! It will just not last!

I have had a cheaper price so I’m going to get it done somewhere else!

That’s absolutely fine, and we always encourage people to shop around! However a cheaper price doesn’t mean that you get the same standard of work. In fact it nearly always means you get a far lesser standard of work and ultimately more problems in the future with flakey paint and air leaks for poorly finished wheels. Which means you'll have to get them done a again by a more reputable company which will cost you more in the long run as you have had to have the job done twice!! That £25 a wheel refurb doesn’t sound so good anymore does it?

How come you guys take the tyres off before refurbing? Does that really need to be done?

A wheel cannot be professionally be repaired by only having the tyre masked up and only the face of the wheel repainted! We quite often get wheels in to our workshop that have had both the front and the rear of the wheel repainted all while the tyre was still on the rim!! This causes all sorts of problems, mainly leaky rims and flakey paint work!! And is a highly amaturish way of doing things!! The tyres need to be stripped as do the wheels before paint goes anywhere near them!! This does not need you need to buy new tyres, as the original tyres can be refitted and balanced free of charge.

Do you have any loan wheels that will fit my car that I can use while you are refurbing my wheels.

Depending on the size and fitment we can offer loan wheels in some cases should you really need your car. Subject to availability. A deposit is also required.

Do I have to go the same colour on my wheels or can I choose something completely different?

Yes, you can have any colour you would like! If you know where you’ve seen the colour, we can match it!!


This answers the most frequent questions we get asked. If your question hasn't been covered on this page or you would like to book your wheels in then please Click Here


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